Jasmijn Tolk

Dutch photographer Jasmijn Tolk.
She specializes in product shoots and table top shoots.
She also makes beautiful, catchy children's portraits.
She is the photographer of  "The Hand" van George Clinton
( the principal architect of P-Funk)
and the photographer of Mary Griffin.
You can reach her site by going to this link.
Website Jasmijn Tolk

Meli Kuhn

Meli Kuhn is a director, actress, choreographer and artist who lives in the Netherlands who has made a series of short films and two arthouse movies with her DansSpelFilmEnsemble Meli Kuhn.
Her first "longer" movie is "Mangel" (2013) and is viewed here, Mangel
Her second second movie "Wurzel" (2014) can be seen here, Wurzel.
The films compete at international film festivals and can be seen on location, in combination with performances by DansSpelFilmensemble Meli Kuhn, in cinemas and during pop-up performances.
More of her short, experimental films can be seen on her own video channel.
More information about Meli Kuhn can also be found at Meli Kuhn

Sanne Prins

Sanne ZoŽ Prins, an Amsterdam photographer and stylist.
Great job. Especially her children's portraits.
Here is the link to her site Prinsenkinderen.
Maartje Jaquet

Maartje Jaquet is an Amsterdam based photographer, musician and video artist, among others.
Her work can be seen on her Flickr-account
and her own website
Recomended !
The Location Bank

The name reflects it all.
An online database of more than 5000 film locations
for domestic and foreign productions.
All mastered by Franck Hakkert.
The Location Bank
Maarten Eshuis

Maarten Eshuis is a Dutch photographer, director of photography, editor and color grader.
His collaboration with myself and the DansSpelFilmensemble Meli Kuhn has already delivered several fruitful projects.
More information on at:  Cinecolor