New Instant Composers Syndicate

New Instant Composers Syndicate is about honest music composed on the fly and depending on the mood of the band, as a collective, as well as the individuals are in

It means no one knows what they are going to get

The best base for improvisation

But above all it has to do with everone’s ability to listen well to eachother and to themselves. And place none above the other

It’s all about, and only about, the music

Generated by four open minds

Until January 2019 New Instant Composers Syndicate (formerly known as The Midi Syndicate) consisted of :

John Berrevoets : Midi drums, Midi vibes, percussion, any musical instrument desired
Edwin Bouman : bass guitar, Midi modules, any musical instrument desired
Rene Kos : EWI electrical wind instrument, WX windcontroller, synthesizers, any musical instrument desired
Robbert Becker : Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, keyboards, Midi modules, any musical instrument desired
Fred Tabois (aka Fredheadset) : sound engineer, samples, plunderphonics, sound treatments, electronics, any sound desired

Each "rehearsal session" consists of a get-together of the members, without any musical plans whatsoever, 1 minute of silence and then, either, Heaven or Hell breaks loose for a minimum of 50 minutes

All improvised, on the spot

Clearly enough no rehearsal session is the same, ever

All rehearsals are recorded professionally

New Instant Composers Syndicate's intention is to actually perform live with these sessions.

Since they all play Midi instruments without any amplifiers they are only able to hear each other by headphones

Crowd members of these "live sessions" wil be supplied with  High End headphones to experience the ultimate sound and will be able to roam around freely inbetween or around the musicians since the absense of acoustical amplification means the musicians can be situated anywhere

Not a conventional stage setup

In addition lights and projection will be used to reach the ultimate aural and visual setting

From January 2019 New Instant Composers Syndicate are pushing their borders and consist of the four core musicians John Berrevoets, Edwin Bouman, Robbert Becker, Fred Tabois (aka Fredheadset) and Wietske Jansen (vocals)

On the next page you are able to listen to some of their "performances"